Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace my mattress?

How often should I replace my mattress? If you really want to get the best possible night’s sleep so you look and feel at your best, The Sleep Council recommends you start to think about replacing your bed after seven years. The Seven Year Hitch - Read more

How are your mattresses packaged?

How are your mattresses packaged? All our mattresses are shipped vacuum packed and rolled for competitive shipping and handling. This is industry leading standard and in no way harms the mattress.

I've just opened my new mattress and it has an odour, is this normal?

I've just openend my new mattress and it has an odour, is this normal? Some residual odour may be apparent on removing your new foam mattress from its packaging. A mattress is packaged in airtight polythene immediately after it is manufactured to ensure that it is sterile, dry and clean for the consumer. This has pros and cons. On the upside you know that no one has had dirty hands on the place you plan to sleep. Unfortunately it also means that the smell from the treatments used on the fabrics is not able to escape leaving the mattress with that "new mattress" smell. This is quite normal and not a cause for concern. Please give the mattress time to air by leaving it uncovered in a well ventilated room for several hours before use. Pulling back the bed sheets daily and continuing to allow the mattress to air will eliminate the smell.

How do I open my new mattress?

How do I open my new mattress? The best way to start is to carry your mattress while its rolled to the bedroom you intend to use the mattress and place it on the bed. Once you've done this, carefully untack the tape holding the mattress in a roll and unravvelt your compressed mattress so that it's flat. At this stage, carefully inspect your mattress and be sure you're happy with your purchase, once the seal is broken after this stage, the goods cannot be returned unless they are faulty. Carefully cut the end of the vacuum sealed bag to let the air in, this will allow the mattress to instantly expand. Then cut the length of the end of the bag being sure not the cut the mattress and slide off the bag. Leave the mattress to recover for up to 48hrs to regain its normal shape. Its done!

How firm are your mattresses?

How firm are your mattresses? We give each mattress a firmness rating based upon our previous customers experiences and feedback. Please remember this is not an exact science as firmness is fairly subjective. It varies drastically on the sleepers size and weight, none the less it remamins a good indicator.

Are your mattress covers washable?

Are your mattress covers washable? Our mattress covers are removeable, however we do not recommend machine washing them. For best results we recommend using a mattress protecor which can be removed and washed reguarly. Our covers can be spot cleaned if necessary.

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